What We Offer

EVC is a Project Management company specialising in the refurbishment of commercial office buildings including the provision of strategic advice and innovative solutions to our clients.

We work closely with institutional property owners as a trusted partner in the planning of capital works projects to ensure the effective utilisation of their capital and the management of projects from conception to completion.

Our projects are characterised by:

  • A fully developed and client approved brief.
  • Highly efficient and accountable project management structures.
  • Sound financial cost control and systematic reporting mechanisms.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery of a fully complete and commissioned project.
  • Continuity of core client business requirements during construction and post completion of all EVC projects.

The services we provide include all stages of the project life-cycle:

  • Selection and commissioning of project consultant teams with the proven experience required for the project.
  • Development of optimum Commercial Building Refurbishment and Upgrade Strategies to maximise net revenue relative to capital expenditure. This includes the consideration of life cycle, operational and maintenance costings.
  • Development of integrated fit out strategies to attract and/or retain tenants in the competitive leasing market.
  • Management of the design, development and documentation process to deliver a complete and comprehensive set of drawings and specifications in accordance with the agreed client strategy.
  • Management of all authority approvals for the project.
  • Procurement of the construction works on a competitive and contractual basis, with pre-agreed terms, as is acceptable to the owner’s requirements for the allocation of risk and liabilities.
  • Supervision of the construction works phase to ensure the works are undertaken in compliance with the contractual documentation as agreed between the owner and the principal contractor.
  • Management of the commissioning phase in conjunction with the consultants, contractors and the owner’s engineering and facilities management teams to ensure optimum building performance.
  • Management and negotiation of vacating tenants make good obligations.

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